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Wildlife In Your Attic?

Wildlife In Your Attic

Is There Wildlife In Your Attic?

Typical attic spaces are dry, filled with thick insulation, and not used very often, if ever. These are perfect conditions for wildlife. In Ontario, temperatures get well below freezing in the winter. Usually, area wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons will keep their distance, but when it gets cold, they may reassess their priorities and move into your attic. All it takes is a small opening or crevice and your new tenants have a place to call home. You may be surprised to find out that you have wildlife in your attic? In many cases raccoons or squirrels go undetected for years before they’re noticed.

Close Openings and Opportunities

To prevent unwanted visitors’ maintenance is the key. Check soffit and roof vents semi-annually for openings, cracks, or flexibility. Some critters are clever enough to place loosened fixtures back in place as they come and go to remain undetected. Inspect your attic regularly. Squirrels will stash supplies of food for use later, and larger creatures will make nests from available insulation and debris. Keep attic inspection holes closed, especially if you have one in the garage. Garage doors left partially open or ones that don’t close properly, can be an opportunity.

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Squirrels, mice, and rats use similar tactics to enter your attic. They are attracted to heat that escapes through plumbing and heating vents and will wiggle their way through holes in caulking or even right through the vent itself. As well, they climb up vertical gutters and trees to get to the roof and often employ acrobatic skills including unbelievable jumps to get to your attic. An added bennifit is they will also be safe from predators once they gain entry. And these are the comparatively dumb animals, as raccoons are a whole new level of creativeness and intelligence. Some homeowners find themselves outsmarted in their efforts to evict raccoons. They are also tough, and dangerous especially when cornered, so use caution if you have a raccoon problem. Wildlife Products has great products that have been tried and proven effective over the years by Sentinel Pest Control Inc. A commercial pest control company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. They sell products throughout Canada to help homeowners solve pest and wildlife issues. Here is one product that works especially well on raccoons and squirrels.

Squirrel Trap
One Way Door Traps

For squirrel bait use peanut butter mixed with whole peanuts, and for raccoons use marshmallows or wet cat food.