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Help! There Are Rats in My House!

Products for Rat Control

Why You Have Rats?

Rats are resilient and versatile and exist in almost every country on the planet. Like the mouse, they look for warmth and food when cold weather sets in. They can squeeze through very small spaces to get in, like warn weather stripping on doors and windows, and small holes around vents. Rats can swim, climb, and jump to get where they need to be. Including gaining access through roof vents and soffit. The most common Rats in Canada are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat.

Rats Go Where There’s Food

Rats will eat anything they can obtain easily, if you leave things out, they will notice. Food is the number one reason rats invade homes. If you can hear scurrying at night, its more likely to be a rat than a mouse. Mice are generally too quiet to notice, but rats are boisterous and make noise when they’re active, but they don’t realize it. They go out of their way to not get noticed, even collecting feces, and stashing it away from your common areas.

The Norway rat loves fatty foods, that is why recommends Pro-Pest Rodent Lure with Bacon for any baiting or traps you set. They can’t resist it. The Roof rat likes to eat seed from bird feeders. Grains, nuts, seeds are its staples, but even so, it won’t pass up the Pro-Pest Rodent Lure if he smells it.

How Can You Tell What Type of Rat You Have?

Norway rats have course black, brown, or grey hair. They are larger than their cousins (roof rats) getting up to 20” long not including their tail. They have shorter faces and portly bodies. These rats like basements and crawlspaces usually staying grounded.

Roof rats are leaner and wirier with longer tails and snouts. They can get up to 16” long. They’re named for their ability and preference to move into attics and ceiling joist spaces. But both species will go where the food is.

Should You Ignore Them?

Although less adorable than the mouse people have domesticated rats as pets. This is after many generations since the Black plague where millions of people died because rats spread the disease in urban areas. Hard to forget about that negative history. Although rats no longer carry plague, they do carry and pass on to humans, E. coli, salmonellosis, leptospirosis (aka swamp fever), and rat bite fever to name a few. They also are walking parasite ecosystems like mice.

How Can I Stop Mice form Invading My Home?

Look for evidence and confirmation they have moved in. Check your walls for holes and scuffs, a Rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a Loonie. Look in cupboards and dark spaces for tiny rat droppings. Check wiring for gnaw marks and missing insulation. Empty bird feeder, get rid of garbage, keep things clean and limit their food sources. Remove vegetation from building exterior walls and seal any small cracks or holes (access points) with caulking (Rodent Stop Rodent Proofing Compound). Remove any potential water sources as well. Keep doors and windows closed and install good weather strip on doors when they wear out. Order rodent removal supplies (Products for Rat Control) from There you can find products used by commercial pest control experts.

Products for Rat Control

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Rat Snap Trap - Products for Rat Control
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Products for Rat Control
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