Easy Set Squirrel Trap


Havahart easy set trap for squirrels and small mammals

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Easily trap and remove squirrels from your home or property.  The easy set trigger provides confidence that you will be able to capture wildlife on your first try with an Easy Set Squirrel Trap from Havahart.  This trap design is best used for squirrels, skunks, rabbits and weasels.  The patented design allows you to release and rest the trap with one hand.  While the galvanized steel mesh makes the squirrel trap durable.  Once triggered the spring loaded door lock prevents the animal from escaping.  The Sensitivity screw allow you to target specific animals. Raccoons, skunks, cats, opossum, and rabbits are all on the hunt for food sources. They will do what it takes to find an easy next meal.  Therefore, the best way to completely remove any of these animals from your property is by using a trap to manually relocate them.

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Dimensions 609.6 × 177.8 × 177.8 cm