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SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Trap Includes ActivCR Bed Bug Lure

The SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Trap is an effective treatment for bed bug control. The trap is a freestanding bed bug interceptor used to trap and detect all levels of bed bug infestations within 4 weeks. This versatile interception device can be used in a variety of environments where traditional interception devices won’t work. The discreet design and size of the SenSci Volcano allows for use in many settings, including residential homes, offices and hospitality. The SenSci Volcano features a new cavity to secure the SenSci ActivCR bed bug lure to attract up to twice as many bed bugs to the interceptor. The maintenance-free device can be used in dust-prone locations and can be inspected easily with its clear bottom. It’s designed as a reusable product made of durable, recycled plastics.

About This Product

  • EFFECTIVE BED BUG TRAP: more accurate than visual inspections, less obtrusive in detecting bed bugs versus traditional inspection methods, and lure increases capture by 2 to 1
  • EASY TO USE: easy to install and inspect, maintenance free. Place the bed bug traps by the legs of your beds, in corners, along baseboards, or on any path bed bugs may travel
  • NOT A PESTICIDE: only an attractant designed to increase the probability that a bed bug monitor detects the presence of bed bugs
  • THE INNOVATION, NOT IMITATION: designed and developed by leading bed bug expert Jeff White and backed by science
  • PEST PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT: use the best early bed bug detection and bed bug prevention product that more pest professionals use for their treatments

OnGuard Pro-Perm Insect Killer is an aproved product by Sentinel Pest Control a commercial pest control company. 

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