Rodent Stop Rodent-Proofing Compound


Rodent Stop Rodent Proofing Compound


Rodent Stop Rodent-Proofing Compound is an effective and easy way to seal rodent entry points. This product seals small to medium sized holes in the outside of your home to prevent rodent entry. The 340g (12oz) tube fits a standard sized caulking gun and comes with an applicator tip.

This product contains metal fibers. Therefore, it is difficult for rodents to chew through. Additionally, Rodent Stop Rodent-Proofing Compound is animal friendly and contains no poisons. Meanwhile, it contains natural repellents to discourage rodent pressure. Use it to seal cracks, joints, crevices, seams and holes to consequently stop rodents from entering your home.

  • Contains no pesticides or biocides – friendly to the environment
  • Instantly waterproof – suitable for indoor & outdoor application
  • Instantly effective with long lasting protection
  • Ideal for an IPM approach
  • Product is paintable when dry
  • Installation possible in cold and warm conditions (-50°F / 170°F)
  • Metal reinforced and metal detectable

The versatility of Rodent Stop makes it ideal for use in a wide range of locations. It can be effectively incorporated into both new and existing buildings and is particularly well suited to hygiene sensitive areas such as food manufacturing and preparation facilities. is your go-to source for pest control supplies and advice. We are owned and operated by experienced exterminators who work in the field every day. Therefore, our product knowledge and real-world expertise make us uniquely qualified to bring you the solutions you need. Browse our wide selection of products and equipment to help you deal with pesky pests. Finally, don’t forget to checkout our Biology / Advice page for more information. Let us help you keep your home safe and keep your family healthy! For Commercial/Industrial Pest Control Solutions visit

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 5.08 × 21.59 cm