Refillable Bait Station


The Mhouse™ refillable bait station is a domestic-labeled rodenticide. Each package contains a lockable and re-usable Aegis Clear Lid Mouse Station, along with 12, 20-gram Chlorophacinone blocks.

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The MHouse refillable rodent bait station offers you the ability to control how much rodent bait you use ensuring it stays fresh for higher rodent consumption.  Buy multiple stations and keep the full to ensure a mouse free home.

Each package contains:
Lockable and reusable Aegis® Clear Lid Mouse Bait Station
12 chlorophacinone bait blocks (20g each)
Bait station key
Labeled for indoor domestic use
Refillable rodent bait station is resistant to tampering by children
Provides a do-it-yourself solution for controlling domestic house mice

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