Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap


Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap


Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap is always properly set, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you always have protection. Place trap flush with entrance holes next to wall near pest activity. The Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap can have a glue board put inside of it for an additional scent lure. To release, simply open the top of the Pro-Ketch® over desired area and let mouse slide out or remove the glue board. Wipe or brush trap to clean.

  • Made of Durable Galvanized Steel

    • Quality construction
    • Years of dependable service
  • Monitors Insect and Rodent Activity
    • Multipurpose usage
    • Identifies problem areas
    • Insert glue board to monitor for insects
  • Unique Design
    • No harmful chemicals
    • Safe for user and environment
  • All-In-One Hinged Lid
    • Easier to clean for maximum sanitation
    • Entrance tunnels are out of the way and off the trap floor
  • No Winding or Resetting
    • Trap is always set, giving you peace of mind
    • Fast placement. Worry-free

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