Onguard Wasp Foam


Onguard Wasp and Hornet Foaming Spray.

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Onguard Wasp Foam is ideal for treating wasp nests in trees and structures as well as in certain wall voids. Onguard Wasp Foam allows domestic users to utilize a reliable and cost efficient product for their stinging insect issues.

Onguard Hornet and Wasp Blaster kills wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets on contact. This product can be used to kill wasp, hornet, and yellowjacket nests, in trees or attached to buildings. It gives rapid knockdown and kill of wasps. Additionally, it provides residual kill of wasps and hornets returning to the treated nest.

Remember: safety is important when treating for stinging insects. Wear PPE such as Nitrile Gloves. When you are working from a ladder, make sure it is secured and you have someone helping you.

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