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Ortho Home Defense Strip

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Home Defense Strip by Ortho is an insecticide product for controlling large and small flies in seldom used areas of your home such as attics, garages and crawl spaces.

For use in unoccupied areas. Also for use in the following areas: animal & farm buildings, milk rooms (avoid contamination of milk or milking equipment), motels, restaurants (non-food areas only), food processing plants (non-food areas only), industrial and commercial locations, kennels, garbage storage areas and containers, and similar enclosed spaces, if areas are occupied for less than 4 hours per day. Also for use in cottages, cabins and trailers, if areas are to be unoccupied for 4 months following placement of strips.

  • Effectively eliminates flies and mosquitoes for up to 4 months
  • For use in unoccupied areas such as garages, sheds and attics if occupied for less than 4 hours per day.
  • Also for use in cottages if unoccupied for 4 months following placement of strips
  • Comes in a shelf-ready shipper

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