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Bed Bug (Stick-Em) Trap by JT Eaton

This virtually invisible bed bug trap and detector will catch bed bugs and other insects when used around the foot of your bed and other furniture.

These bed bug traps are visually discreet and easy to install. Keep the headboard of your bed from touching the wall. Then bed bugs have to navigate the Bugo tape to access your bed. For the same reason keep bedding from reaching the floor. is your source for quality pest control supplies and advice. We are owned and operated by experienced exterminators who work in the field every day. Therefore, we have the product knowledge and real-world expertise you need. Because of this we are uniquely qualified to bring you the best solutions. Browse our wide selection of products and equipment to help you deal with your pest issues. Finally, don’t forget to checkout our Biology / Advice page for more information. Let us help you keep your home safe and keep your family healthy!

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This product is commonly bought with  Bed Bug Killer; EMPACK Spraytech/DE Labs – 400g

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm