Trappit Bed Bug Detector


Trappit Bed Bug Monitor

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Trappit Bed Bug Detector (4 pack) is a simple and quick Bed Bug monitoring system. The Trappit Bed Bug Detector is used around the world. The attractant lure draws bed bugs into the pitfall trap. The attractant is effective across the whole bed bug life cycle. The glue hold trapped bugs in place. Furthermore, the white background of the glue trap makes it easy to identify and count the number of captures.

Place the Trappit Bed Bug Detector in several locations where bed bugs are suspected. This includes areas such as under the headboard, within closets and under bedroom furniture. Traps should also be placed in adjacent rooms to see if there are any other points of infestation. Additionally, this trap contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Keep the glue trap out of reach of children and pets. Once placed, the Trappit Bed Bug Detectors remain effective for 4 weeks. so can be moved if no infestation has been identified within 2 – 3 days. Shelf-life storage is 2 years.

***Sold in a pack of 4***

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