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DX13 Bed Bug Killer Spray

Bed Bug Protection and Extermination for Mattresses, Furniture, Walls, Floors, and Ceilings – All Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder – Safe Non-Toxic Bedbug Mite Spray.

  • EXTERMINATION AND PROTECTION: Our special natural desiccant formula does more than repellents or killers, DX13 Sprays gets rid of existing bed bugs and leaves behind a powder that’s lethal to them but safe and non-toxic for humans and pets.
  • NON-TOXIC SAFE FORMULA: DX13 Spray uses all natural diatomaceous earth. This desiccant is picked up by crawling insects and it breaks through their outer layer and dehydrates until they’re stopped in their tracks. This food grade solution is kid and pet safe for even small dogs and cats.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Our spray gets into even the tightest nooks to ensure your homes bedrooms are bed bug free! Just spray for a light dusting anywhere your bedbugs are coming from. It adheres to ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, bedding, headboards, box springs, mattresses, and anywhere you need it.
  • USE THE BEST: Get long-lasting protection that sticks around with DX13 Sprays! We suggest using about 3 cans for coverage of the average bedroom. Unlike most pesticides our food grade DX13 Bed Bug Killer Spray is safe for pets and doesn’t require constant changing and checking like traps.
  • DE LABS: De Laboratories created DX13 to give immediate action and lasting protection while staying safe for humans and pets. We create pesticides that fit into your everyday life so you can stay bug-free without dangerous poisons.

All products  are tested and approved by commercial pest control experts at Sentinel Pest Control.

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