Bait Gun



The Bait Gun is specifically designed to be used with roach and ant bait tubes. It allows for precise, measured applications of insecticide baits.

This is a professional bait gun applicator designed to make it easier to apply gel baits that come in 30-gram plungers, like Greenway Ant Bait Gel or to apply Pro-Pest Rodent Lure with Bacon to snap traps. Convenient, easy to use, and durable. If you want a more precise bait application when applying gel baits, this is a solid and affordable accessory.

Tools Needed

To use the Bait Gun, you will need a 30-gram gel bait to insert into the gun for usage.

How to Use

  • Step 1: Assemble the Bait Gun by first inserting the rod, flat-end first, into the hole of the gun and ensure that it is secure. You will know it is secure by hearing a click.
  • Step 2: Insert a 30-gram gel bait plunger into the Bait Gun D32. Lock it in place and then pull the gun trigger to dispense the gel bait.

Where to Use

This product can be used indoors to treat for ants and cockroaches and get a more precise application out of your bait gels. Use around cracks and crevices, cupboards, cabinets, secluded corners, behind and under appliances and more.

When to Use

Use the Bait Gun when you are using gel baits indoors to treat ant or cockroach infestations to make it easier to apply the bait.

Safety Information

This product is safe to use when applied according to the label instructions. Please wear the necessary PPE (gloves, etc.) when applying bait.

Special Considerations

The Bait Gun D32 may not fit all types of gel baits tubes. Make sure you are using a 30-gram gel bait and insert the bait in WITHOUT the plunger.

Bait tube not included

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