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Get Rid of Cluster Flies

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Cluster Flies Become a Problem

This week we will experience the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter (Winter solstice December 21st). You may already be experiencing the results of an invasion that began back in the fall. Usually during December, we have a few warm days. It’s during these warmer days, cluster flies get confused, awake from hibernation, and begin looking for food. That’s when you generally see them in your home, around windows and doors. At this point prevention is no longer an option, they have already infested your home.

Cluster Flies Are Seasonal

During the summer and early fall cluster flies prefer to be outside, but during the cool of late fall they begin to look for warm places to spend the winter. A well sealed home or business can prevent a cluster fly infestation. They make a home out of your attic space and behind your drywall. The good news is, they are not known as disease spreaders as they don’t lay eggs on food. In warmer weather they burrow in the ground and lay their eggs on earth worms which are parasitized by the larva. They are, however, a big nuisance because usually there are hundreds of them to manage.

Sentinel Pest Control Inc.

If you have an issue with cluster flies in a commercial setting, call the experts at Sentinel Pest Control. These technicians will locate the source of the breach and apply insecticide to irradicate the fly colony. Then before next cluster fly season (spring or summer) Sentinel Pest Control can come back and engage prevention protocols to ensure it never happens again.  

Pest Stop for Fly Control Products

For small infestations try using a vacuum to rid your homes of them short term. They are usually docile and slow and will almost volunteer to be sucked up. In addition, they also will congregate in large numbers which makes them vulnerable to raid and glue traps. For homeowners, Sentinel Pest Control Inc. has built and ecommerce website where you can buy the same excellent pest products that they have proved effective in commercial pest control. Visit and click on the Flies Icon for products that can help you remove flies of all kinds.

Get Help

Unfortunately, if you have a cluster fly problem, they will keep coming back unless you seal of all areas of entry. For commercial cluster fly removal, call the pros at Sentinel Pest Control Inc. For cluster fly control at home, check out the excellent products at the Pest Stop store.