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Why Ant Populations Explode in Hot Summer Weather?

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Ants Hate the Cold

Sentinel Pest Control is rarely called for an ant control problem during winter in Ontario. During the winter ants are deep below snow and ice hibernating to avoid the cold, waiting patiently for warmer spring weather. The tiny yet powerful ant is not equipped to handle the cold and would quickly perish if exposed to it. Ant colonies only become active when temperatures consistently stay between 24 and 35 degrees Celsius.

There are many different ant species, and each have different abilities and habits, but all of them need heat to survive and be active. Your home is likely the perfect temperature for them to thrive in. To survive, they also need water and a food source. Keep in mind, they are tiny. Therefore, a consistent food and water source could simply be crumbs and drops that fall from your table. If you don’t regularly vacuum or sweep, you may be giving a colony of ants everything they need.

Put Your Self in Their Shoes

Imagine you are a humble ant. After waiting patiently, buried deep underground for the long winter months, you are eager to get moving. The queen that you are making your own, was kicked out as soon as it was warm enough. Following her, you search for a good place to start a new colony. You’re one of 1,000 up to 100,000 in your group. Even though it’s still cool outside you begin planning. The typical Ontario home not only supplies heat, water, and food, but also shelters you from predators. Birds, wasps, and other larger insects are usually quickly evicted, but you can go unnoticed. Other than human environments, it is difficult to find everything your colony will need to survive. It’s no wonder ants become problems for homes, offices, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.

EcoGuard Crawling Insect Killer

How to Keep Them Away?

Remember that no matter how well your building is sealed off, ants can probably still find a way in. However, you can make your environment less appealing to them. Seal off any obvious cracks or holes around doors or windows. Spray cracks and any potential entry points with EcoGuard Crawling Insect Killer (from – both inside and out. Keep your food storage and cooking areas tidy and clean. Don’t leave them even the smallest of crumbs. Specifically, they seek out sweet foods like sugar and honey as they provide much needed energy. Replace any potential food source with Greenway Liquid Ant and Roach Bait. This unique product is picked up by worker ants and brought back to the rest of the colony where it decimates them.

Greenway Ant and Roach
Greenway Liquid Ant Bait

All the products offered at Pest are tried and tested to work by Sentinel Pest Control Inc. commercial pest control experts. If your still having issues after using these products, then you may have a bigger problem. Some infestations require nothing but the best in pest control. If you have a commercial building that can’t get your pest problem under control, Call Sentinel Pest Control today. Turn your problem into a distant memory.